Halloween Spooky Trick or Treaters

10 Ways to Spook Trick or Treaters This Halloween

With Halloween creepin’ upon us, it’s time to bring out the jack-o-lanterns, ghouls, and skeletons! If you’re as much of a Halloween enthusiasts as we are, you probably cannot wait to add some hocus pocus to your home! Before you head to the store, here are some great ideas to give your trick or treaters a little scare and make your home the talk of the town!

1. Flock of Crows

Halloween decor - Flock of Crows

Source: Good Housekeeping

While one crow might seem harmless, a murder of crows will create an eerie vibe to your porch and surely spook the guests! These realistic faux crows can be purchased at your local crafts or Halloween store!

2. Broken Skeleton

Halloween decor - broken skeleton

Source: Pinterest

Easy to make and fun for the kids! Grab a wheelbarrow from your backyard and fill it with some soil and skeleton bones. To make it look alive, give your skeleton a silly expression!

3. Spider Webs

Halloween decor - Spider webs

Source: The Garden Glove

One of human’s greatest fears, SPIDERS! Whether they’re big or small, these critters always find a way to give us a good scream! Pair the spiders with some ripped pantyhose to make an illusion of cobwebs.

4. Ghost Swing

Halloween Decor - Ghost Swing

Source: Cupcakes & Cashmere

What is Halloween without a classic white sheet ghost? Twist it up this year and add some character to your ghost by attaching it to a swing set!

5. Hanging Skeletons

Halloween Decor - Hanging Skeletons

Source: Better Homes & Garden

Another creative way to use skeletons this year, hang them above and along your home. Your community would definitely appreciate some new company in town!

6. Floating Ghouls

Halloween decor - Floating Ghouls

Source: Grim Graham

These spooky floating ghouls will have the kids running to your door (hopefully for some candy)! It’s an easy DIY project for you to step up your Halloween décor game!

7. Coffin

Halloween decor - Coffin

If you really want to frighten your neighbors, place a coffin on your front lawn with body parts and limbs sticking out! This will give both a festive and mysterious touch to your home!

8. Paper Bats

Halloween decor - paper bats

Source: Pinterest

Black bats are the perfect addition to your Halloween porch. Simply make cut-outs from black stock paper to create these bats and stick them wherever you like! The more, the scarier!

9. Wicked Witch Legs

Halloween decor - wicked witch legs

Source: Decoration Love

The Wicked Witch makes her way into town every year! Stop her right in her tracks with this creative decoy. This iconic piece will add the candy corn on top of your Halloween home.

10. Cemetery Yard

Halloween decor - cemetery yard

Source: Purple Onion Designs

Give your guests a creepy stroll into your home with this terrifying graveyard! Great for Halloween parties, trick or treaters, or even an awesome costume photoshoot spot!


By Hannah Nguyen