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Credit Report EHM

Credit Report Got You Down? Big Changes May Bring a Boost This Summer.

Some big changes are on the way when it comes to your credit report– and they may just work in your favor! The three major credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion – have come to an agreement with 31 state attorney generals to change the way they look at collections and how they affect […]

Eagle’s Guide to Freddie Mac’s HomeOne Mortgage

 The story. Freddie Mac released a new mortgage option on April 26, 2018. This new option is called HomeOne and helps more first-time homebuyers qualify for their first home.  Tell me more. First-time homebuyers make up almost half of all U.S. home purchases. If you think about it, that is a lot of people! Buying […]

Why Eagle Digital Mortgage is Different

Applying for a mortgage loan the old-fashioned way was pretty tedious. It’s been one of those manual, paper-intensive processes in dire need of a big overhaul. We thought so too. So, we decided to ditch that and provide our customers with a more frictionless experience that meets today’s busy, mobile lifestyle. That’s why we created […]

FHA Increases Loan Limit

FHA Increases Loan Limits for 2018

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has announced their new loan limits—and it looks like nearly every area will see an increase in 2018! Due to a rise in median housing prices and an increase in conventional mortgage loan limits, the maximum loan limits for an FHA mortgage will rise in over 3,000 counties! The U.S. […]

FHFA increases loan limits

FHFA Increases Loan Limits, Again!

As we near the end of the year, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) has announced the maximum mortgage loan limits for 2018. For the second straight year, these limits have increased—the second time since 2006! So what does that mean for you? A conforming loan is one that meets a standard set of guidelines […]

Rural Housing Program

100% Financing for Rural America!

Do you prefer pastures over pavement? If so, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has designed a program to serve our country’s eligible rural residents called the Section 502 Guaranteed Rural Housing Program. A big name for an even bigger opportunity! This program is a zero-down payment mortgage that supports affordable housing and community development in rural areas across America and allows for 100% financing with […]

Grocery Stores Value to Your Home

These Grocery Stores Could Offer Value to Your Home

It turns out grocery stores such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s can offer more than fuel for your family—they can also boost the value of your home. A recent Zillow analysis found that homes near high-end food stores, like Whole Foods and Traders Joe’s, are worth more and appreciate faster compared to the typical United States home. Food for Thought Zillow […]

Don't let your student loan get in the way of becoming a homeowner

Student Loan Debt and Your Dream of Homeownership

Don’t Let Student Loan Debt Stand Between You and Your Dream of Homeownership! How many times have you thought twice about making a big purchase because of your student loan debt? As of 2017, it was reported that 44.2 million Americans currently struggle with student loans that total $1.44 trillion in DEBT!  We took a look at […]

Lennar Home WiFi Amazon

Lennar Launches World’s First Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Smart Home Designs with Amazon Alexa

New homebuilding approach embraces Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design™ to enable seamless voice control, shopping and home automation. First homes for sale nationwide in July. MIAMI and SEATTLE, June 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Lennar, one of the nation’s largest builders, today announced the world’s first Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ home designs featuring integrated home automation and voice control with Amazon Alexa – […]

Homeowner Refinance Mortgage

Homeowners lost $5.4 billion by not Refinancing

A recent study by the Journal of Financial Economics revealed American homeowners lost out on savings up to $5.4 billion in 2010 by failing to refinance their mortgage when interest rates decreased. So, have you ever considered refinancing? It may save you thousands. You Could Miss Out on “Substantial Savings” Jaren Pope, Economics professor and co-author, […]