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Happy Couple in Home

‘Til Debt Do Us Part: How to Discuss Finances with Your Partner

Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level, for richer or for poorer?  It may be time to discuss your finances with your partner. It isn’t the most romantic advice, but to avoid relationship problems down the road it is important to have “the talk” before things start getting more serious.   […]

Home Energy Costs

How to Cut Energy Costs

You know it already—owning a home is expensive. Bills piling up every month can really stress a person out. Don’t let them. Starting energy saving habits and making some small changes in your home can make a real difference in your utility bills and ease the financial burden of homeownership.   Heating and Cooling Heating […]

Essential Tips for Single Homebuyers

Essential Tips for Single Home Buyers

Buying a home is a big step for anyone, but if you are a single home buyer the process could be even more daunting. There may be some challenges faced when buying a home independently, but it is possible! With enough planning and understanding, you can become a homeowner without relying on anyone else. Know […]

Steps to Saving Down Payment

6 Steps to Start Saving for Your Down Payment

Thinking about buying a home, but having trouble saving for the down payment? If you are struggling with saving for your down payment, you are not alone. According to a study by Zillow, saving for a down payment was the top hurdle towards homeownership for more than two-thirds of renters, beating out mortgage approval and […]

Loan Estimate

Your Loan Estimate: What to Look For

After you apply for a mortgage, you will receive the most important document in the loan process—the Loan Estimate. The Loan Estimate is a three-page form covering important information regarding your potential loan. This form will give you an estimated interest rate, monthly payment, closing costs and more! This estimate does not necessarily mean that […]

401k Home Down Payment

Using Your 401k as Your Down Payment: Is It Worth It?

Saving for a down payment can be challenging and seeing your growing 401k sitting there may be tempting to use. While purchasing a home could be the biggest investment you will make, your 401k is key to your long-term financial plan and withdrawing now could leave you ill-prepared for retirement. What to do  Instead of making a withdrawal out of your […]

Become a homeowner with the help of Student Loan Debt Mortgage Program

How Our Student Loan Debt Mortgage Program Can Benefit You

You’ve finally got your degree and you’re ready to take on the real world! Except you can’t move forward with your next big move due to your student loan debt. OR maybe you’ve been out of school for some time now, but still can’t seem to overcome the hurdle of student loans. Way too many […]

Answer to questions about interest rate and annual percentage rate APR

4 Common Questions about Interest Rate & APR

The mortgage process can get confusing. One aspect of the process that will come into conversation frequently is your interest rate and annual percentage rate. Before you consider locking in any rates, get the answers to the 4 most commonly asked questions about rates. Understanding the difference could save thousands.   1. What’s the difference between the mortgage […]

Don't let your student loan get in the way of becoming a homeowner

Student Loan Debt and Your Dream of Homeownership

Don’t Let Student Loan Debt Stand Between You and Your Dream of Homeownership! How many times have you thought twice about making a big purchase because of your student loan debt? As of 2017, it was reported that 44.2 million Americans currently struggle with student loans that total $1.44 trillion in DEBT!  We took a look at […]

Mortgage Interest Rate Determined

How is My Mortgage Interest Rate Determined?

If you are in the process of applying for a mortgage or plan to in the future, you may have heard of the importance of locking in a low-interest rate. For those of you just getting started, your mortgage interest rate is the fee for the amount borrowed set by the lender. But how does the lender determine this rate? While the general interest rate market is sensitive and […]