If you find a 4-leaf clover you are definitely lucky

How to Counter Bad Luck this Friday the 13th

It’s that time of the year again when the best day of the week coincides with the 13th, making it the only Friday we don’t look forward to! For many superstitious people, this could be the most dreadful day of the year when everything goes left from what it’s supposed to be. Fortunately for you, we’ve dug through history to gather all of the possible ways to get lucky so you can counter the bad omen for this year!

1. Wake up on the right side of the bed

Wake up on the right side of the bed

This common saying dates back to ancient Rome, where it was said to be unlucky to wake up on the left side of the bed. While some may interpret this phrase as waking up in a good mood, the Romans believed that anything related to the “left side” was bad luck.

2. Find a four-leaf clover

If you find a 4-leaf clover you are definitely lucky

Even though it’s not St. Patrick’s Day, traditions claim its always lucky to find yourself a four-leaf clover. The four leaves represent hope, faith, love, and luck. With a 1/10,000th chance of finding one, you’re bound to avoid any bad luck!

3. Pick up a penny

Get a penny for good luck

Whether it’s headed up or down, it is believed that any metal (including copper) will bring you good luck, so make sure to pick up that penny! Regardless if it works, you will be one cent richer than before.

 4. Make a wish on a wishbone

Pull a wishbone and make a wish

This superstitious tradition derived from Medieval Europe when people believed that geese had supernatural visionary powers. The ritual of breaking a wishbone of a goose or other bird was eventually brought to the New World in belief that it will grant you a wish!

5. Wear red

Counter bad luck with red clothes

Red is the luckiest color in the Chinese culture! It means loyalty, success, and happiness. For each Chinese occasion, the color red is presented everywhere including lanterns, gifts, decoration, and clothing in order to bring you good fortune.

6. Carry a rabbit’s foot

Friday 13th - get good luck with a rabbit foot or the whole bunny

The foot of a rabbit is served to be an amulet that brings good luck. Europe, China, Africa, North and South America all share this similar belief! While some argue there are certain rules to finding the right lucky rabbit foot, others seem to trust that any rabbit foot will work!

7. Knock on wood

Knock on wood to avoid bad luck

Originated from Bulgaria, the tradition of knocking on wood does not bring good luck but rather protect you from evil. People usually do this as a reaction to a bad situation or something that might happen in the near future.

8. Hang up a horseshoe

Hang a horseshoe for good luck

According to Celtic culture, iron has the power to counter all evils that may come to you! The symbol of a horseshoe has been used for centuries in belief that it will keep any harm from crossing over it.

Before you cancel all your meetings and travel, try out these tips and you may beat out the curse of Friday the 13th!

By Hannah Nguyen