Eagle Digital Mortgage:  An Eco-Friendly Way to Prequalify

Here’s what you need to know

Mortgage applications use a lot of paper. A Loan Officer uses about five times the amount of paper to process their loans than a typical office worker. The average office worker uses about two pounds of paper per day and this number includes mistakes made by the copier. The average national data determines that 90 percent of all office waste is paper. The paper production process requires large amounts of energy and water, plus it unleashes many toxic gases into the atmosphere.

Here’s what we did to change our process

We created a Digital Mortgage platform that ditches the paperwork and allows you to apply for a loan in as little as 10 minutes. With Eagle Digital Mortgage your loan is handled 50 times less than a regular loan. Eagle’s Digital Mortgage electronically gathers your employment, income and tax records, minimizing paperwork and time.

Here’s some other good news

Eagle Digital Mortgage is available anytime—on any device. You can start your loan application from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. These devices reduce the electricity production of desktop computers and other office machinery needed to transfer and store these types of documents.

Here’s how we put Eagle Digital Mortgage to the test

We decided to calculate how much paper Eagle Home Mortgage will save with our Digital Mortgage platform. We plugged in estimated numbers into the Environmental Paper Network’s (EPN) “paper calculator” to find out our results.

Here’s what we found out

EPN estimates that Eagle Home Mortgage will save 813 tons of paper annually. This means that approximately 5,227 trees will be saved if you make the switch to Eagle Digital Mortgage. Paper is burned at the end of its lifecycle and this process uses electricity, creates waste and emits harmful gas. This means that Eagle Digital Mortgage will diminish its energy usage annually by the equivalent of 78 fully powered homes, create 15 less garbage trucks of waste and emit 966 less 18-wheeler gases into the atmosphere.

 Here’s what you can do to help

If you are ready to ditch the paperwork and time consuming process that comes with regular mortgage applications, check out Eagle Digital Mortgage. Save some time and the planet.

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