Hosting New Year's Eve Party

Hosting a New Year’s Eve Party

Hosting a New Year’s Eve party at your home is a comfortable and safe alternative to going out for both you and your guests. Whether you have the space for a large celebration or would rather host an intimate gathering with your closest friends, these tips will allow you and your guests to ring in the new year with ease!  

Cocktail Potluck 

Ask your guests to bring their favorite cocktail to share! Alcohol is one of the largest expenses for a New Year’s Eve party so this strategy not only keeps you within budget, but it also provides guests with a variety of new drinks to try. Just make sure you have plenty of champagne for the midnight toast. 

For your drinking guests, always find out in advance how they’re getting back home. Are they using public transportation? Is there a designated driver? Keep an extra set of sheets handy in case someone needs to crash on your sofa for the night.

Leave Your Holiday Decorations Out Longer 

If you haven’t found the time to put away your holiday decorations, don’t fret! Those festive lights and décor can still create a celebratory atmosphere for your party.

Skip the Big Dinner 

Since New Year’s Eve parties tend to start later, your guests will likely have already eaten dinner before arriving. Easy appetizers like cheese and crackers, crudités or dips are enough to keep your guests satisfied. If your guests start getting hungry later in the night, pizza is a crowd pleaser that pairs well with everything—even champagne!

Curate the Perfect Playlist 

Spend some time before company arrives to curate the perfect playlist. The music you choose will set the tone when your guests walk in the door. Decide whether you want a casual environment or an upbeat celebration. You may also consider the taste of your invitees while making your song selections. 

Here are some great tracks to get you started:   

  • Fly Me to the Moon – Frank Sinatra
    Golden Years – David Bowie 
  • It Had to Be You – Harry Connick Jr. 
  • Night Time is the Right Time – Ray Charles  
  • Rock Steady – Aretha Franklin 
  • Feeling Good – Nina Simone  
  • The Best Is Yet to Come – Tony Bennett


By Meagan Rochard