Magic Words to Sell Your Home

Magic Words to Sell Your Home

Are you struggling to sell your home? Make sure you are using your listing to advertise your home’s best features, so you can find the right homebuyer in record time.

Check out these magic keywords that could speed up the selling of your home!

Highlight the best features:


Having an energy efficient home is becoming very important to young buyers. If your home is eco-friendly be sure to mention all of the home’s green amenities!


Home buyers often want to take their new move as an opportunity to start fresh and finally get organized. Advertise your storage space the garage or closets, to attract buyers looking to invest in tidy living.


A crisp yard is always attractive to buyers, especially when it’s a part of the package. Listings with the word landscaping sold 20% faster than listings without.

Brand Names

Appliances can be costly to new homeowners. If the home includes brand name appliances, make sure they are listed. Names like Sub-Zero, Viking, Bosch, and Whirlpool are most associated with quick sales.

Use plenty of adjectives:

By using adjectives in your listing, you will entice your potential buyers to want to see the home in person! Words like “beautiful” and “gorgeous” are the most common word used in real estate ads and can speed up sales by 15%.

You will want to avoid sayings like “motivated seller” in your ad. This can sound like you are desperate to get out, making the buyer question why.


By Kaylee Fantis