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How to Make Your Home Pet Friendly

 Ditch the Carpet

Carpet is not always the best choice for pet owners. It stains, it smells, and it is much more difficult to clean. Flooring such as laminate, concrete, stone or ceramic tiles will be easier during clean-up and will remain stain free.

If hardwood floors are a must-have, keep in mind that scratches and dents are may be a problem. Consider choosing a harder wood such as oak or mahogany and protecting high-traffic areas with rugs.

Paw-Safe Fabrics

You will want to choose upholstery fabrics that will ultimately mean less work for you. Try to avoid pet hair magnets such as velvet or chenille and opt for easier-to-clean options like microfiber or ultrasuede.

If you’re looking for a more luxe option, leather is also a good choice for pet owners as it is durable and easy to clean. However, it is not indestructible. A leather sofa can easily be punctured and scratched by big claws. For best results, choose a top grain, semi-aniline leather for additional protection.

Petscape Your Yard

If you let your pet outside, you will want to provide a safe play area. Make sure your home has fencing and that it is high enough so your dog cannot jump over it! Homeowners with swimming pools will also want to get a cover for the pool so your pets don’t accidentally fall in

Keep your pets safe from hazardous plants in the yard by staying up to date on which one’s are most dangerous. The ASPCA keeps a database of plants that are hazardous to household pets. Common plants such as azaleas, some ferns and ivies, and daffodils could leave your pet seriously sick.

Keep it Together

Find a space in your home dedicated to your pet. Install wall hooks to keep leashes tangle-free and shelves where you can store all of your pet supplies: spare collars, outdoor apparel, treats, dog food, medicine and toys.

Creating a safe space indoors for your dog to play will also save any fragile collectibles to crash with one tail wag.