Become a homeowner with the help of Student Loan Debt Mortgage Program

How Our Student Loan Debt Mortgage Program Can Benefit You

So, you’ve finally got your degree and you’re ready to take on the real world! Except you can’t move forward with your next big move due to your student loan debt. Or maybe you’ve been out of school for some time now, but still can’t seem to overcome the hurdle of your student loan debt.

Too many times have student loans hindered your life goals in the past, but we’re not going to let it stand in the way this time! Eagle Home Mortgage’s recently released Student Loan Debt Mortgage Program* is designed to assist people like you who are in search of a new home but carry student loan debt.

Consider these reasons why the Student Loan Debt Mortgage Program may be the right fit for you:

  1. You may use up to 3% of the home purchase price to pay off or down your student loans at closing. 
  2. In certain communities, you may be eligible to receive an additional up to 3% of your home’s purchase price towards closing costs. 
  3. If you’re worried about saving for a down-payment, we have options for as low as 3-5%. 
  4. Our HBSG* credit specialists are available to work with you on any credit challenges you might have in order to offer you better loan options. 
  5. Aside from our contribution, you may also obtain gift funds from close relatives to lower your rate even more! 
  6. You can enjoy the purchase of a new Lennar Home, equipped with everything you need and top-of-the-line technology!

Eagle Home Mortgage values the hard work and dedication of each graduate. We hope that our small contribution will make a difference to the future by bringing you one step closer to your dream of homeownership!


Sounds too good to be true? Confirm by reaching out to one of our loan officers today!

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By Hannah Nguyen


*Offer available for a limited time only on select and qualifying Lennar homes as determined by Lennar in its sole discretion. The availability of student debt assistance through the Student Loan Debt Mortgage Program is limited. The Student Loan Debt Mortgage Program is a Fannie Mae pilot program and is currently only available to purchasers of Lennar Homes, LLC (“Lennar”) that finance through Eagle Home Mortgage, LLC (“Eagle”). For more information on the Student Loan Debt Mortgage Program, visit Fannie Mae’s website at This offer is subject to borrower meeting approval guidelines. The Student Loan Debt Mortgage Program and seller contribution limits are subject to certain Fannie Mae terms, conditions and restrictions. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice. Offers, incentives, and seller contributions are subject to certain terms, conditions, and restrictions, which may include the use of designated lenders and closing agents. Offer may not be combined with other offers. Certain incentives could affect the loan amount. Lennar reserves the right to change or withdraw any offer at any time. Contact your loan officer for Student Loan Debt Mortgage Program details and your new home consultant for home purchase details. As a pilot program, the Student Loan Debt Mortgage Program is only available through Eagle. Eagle Home Mortgage, LLC – Company NMLS #1058. RMLA #4130383. Lennar and Eagle have business relationships with each other. Lennar and Eagle are, directly or indirectly, wholly owned by Lennar Corporation. You are NOT required to use Eagle as a condition for purchase of a Lennar home. You are free to shop around to determine that you are receiving the best services and the best rate for these services. For additional information please visit their websites and
**Eagle’s Home Buyer Solutions Group (HBSG) is a voluntary program and participation is not required in order to obtain a loan from Eagle and/or purchase a home from Lennar Corporation or any of its affiliated homebuilders. Participants enrolling in HBSG are under no obligation to purchase a Lennar home or obtain a mortgage loan from Eagle. Participation in or completion of the HBSG program does not (a) constitute a loan approval or indicate that the participant has or will qualify for a loan from Eagle or any other lender; (b) guarantee the participant will qualify to purchase a Lennar home; or (c) guarantee any improvement of the participant’s credit rating or history. Upon enrollment, the participant must provide pertinent financial information and must authorize HBSG authority to obtain and analyze the participant’s credit report. Completion of the HBSG program averages 90 to 120 days from the day of entry into the program to completion.
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