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Thanksgiving Party Games for the Whole Family

No Stress Thanksgiving Party Games for the Whole Family to play as they are sitting around the dinner table

Thanksgiving A to Z

Using the alphabet as a guide, the first person tells everyone the things he is thankful for that start with the letter “A,” like apples and aunts. The next person uses the letter “B”. Keep going around until all the letter are used up. If people still have things to add, go the second round.

Count Your Blessings

Too often, when families and friends get together we try to outdo each other with a long list of complaints and things we are unhappy about. With this Thanksgiving game, youth and adults are challenged to outdo each other in listing all the blessing they have to be thankful for.

  1. On your signal to begin, everyone should write down everything they are thankful for that can be described in two words or less.
  2. Set a timer, for two minutes (or less) and tell them to begin.
  3. When the timer goes off each youth must count how many items they have.
  4. The person with the most items should read their list and if anyone else has those items on their list also, then everyone who has the items must cross them off the list. Only unique items remain.
  5. The next person continues in the same way, calling out the items that remain on his/ her list. If the item is unique it remains. If someone else has the same item than all who have it cross the item off their lists.
  6. Continue until everyone has gone, then each person must count up the unique items he or she has on the list.
  7. Award a prize for the person with the highest number of unique answers

Tearable Turkey

In this simple Thanksgiving Party Game, youth, adults, and children are challenged to rip a sheet of construction paper into the shape of a turkey — behind their back. They are not allowed to look at their creation until it is complete. Hang the works of art up for everyone to judge. Give prizes for the best-looking turkeys.

Thanksgiving Quiz

Google for Thanksgiving trivia and see how much you and your family know about this American Holiday!

Thanksgiving Memory Game

This Thanksgiving Party game can be used with small or large groups. The key objective is to remember a long and growing list of Thanksgiving-related items.

  1. Sit everyone in a circle. (You can also play this as a family around the Thanksgiving Dinner table)
  2. Start the game by saying, the chosen phrase (i.e. “This Thanksgiving I am thankful for….”) then add something you are thankful for… (i.e. “my health”)
  3. The next player must repeat what is said and then add something they are thankful for. (This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my health and my parents.”)
  4. Each player in sequence must repeat the previous responses in the exact same order then add one of their own.
  5. Players cannot add something that is already mentioned in the list.
  6. If a player makes a mistake, he or she is eliminated from the game
  7. The game continues around the circle until only 1 person is left.

Thanksgiving Boggle

How many words can you make from the letters in the word Thanksgiving?

Participants are to create as many little words as possible before the timer runs out using only the letters in the word “Thanksgiving”. Whoever gets the most words wins!

Happy Thanksgiving!